Let us help you to master the changes in digital on a strategic level.

Choosing the right strategy is the key to a successful project.

The rapidly changing digital landscape creates an ever growing challenge for many organisations. Together we can help you to master these challenges and make your organisation fit for digital. 

We believe that choosing the right strategy and creating the proper environment right from the beginning is the key to ensure the success of your digital project. Our donor-centered approach guarantees the success of your online fundraising projects.


We create a design that is tailored to your target group and guarantees ultimate ease of use.

When looking good is not good enough.

It is not enough for a website to simply look good – it has to inspire. With 18 years of experience in user journey, content stategy, information architecture and UX-design we make your website an experience for it's visitors. The actual implementation only starts when all parties are happy. 

Visual design

We know how to present a brand, organisation or product to its best advantage. Great things can be accomplished even on a modest budget.


The frontend of your website is more than just a pretty face. Frontend design serves to create clearly structured, user-friendly websites that offer true added value for the user. We use the latest frontend technologies every day. And we love it.


Technology is always developing. And so are we. This is how we ensure your progress and efficiency.

The secret to success.

We rely on functional prototyping, the early presentation of work results and integrate mobile requirements in the initial phase of a project.

By using an agile approach we keep an advanced level of flexibility and are even able to fullfill your spontanious desires during the implementation. This is how a good concept and a harmonious design appear in the right light and achieve the intended impact on the users.

Becoming familiar with new browsers, operating systems, devices, software, script languages and databases is part of our daily business. We keep pace with technological developments and are happy to share our knowledge – internally and externally.

Of course content has to look good, but ease of editing is important too. This is why choosing a back end that is intuitive to use is part of the implementation. Only an actively managed website has the chance to become a good website.


From Monday to Friday and beyond. Our friendly support team is always here for you.

We won’t let you down.

Now that the new website has gone live, is the project off the table? Not at all. Unlike print products, a website is never really finished. Conditions are always changing and new technologies, systems and browsers that come to market affect your website. Our three-person support team maintains your website content and technology platform.

Our hours of operation.

Standard hours on working days from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Have you entered into an extended service contract with us? Then we are here for you outside of business hours as well.

Per E-mail or telephone +41 44 533 56 10