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«Docking Station»

multimedia catalog for the Aargauer Kunsthaus


The exciting app «Docking Station» accompanies visitors through the fascinating eponymous exhibition of the Aargauer Kunsthaus. Featuring an outstanding collection of Swiss art from the 18th century to the present day, the Aargauer Kunsthaus ranks as one of the most important museums in Switzerland.

On behalf of Audiotours getunik has developed the smartphone application «Docking Station» creating a harmonious blend of modern technology and tradition. The app even manages to introduce the works exhibited to young audiences by transforming the exhibition to an interactive experience.

Users learn informative content from video portraits of participating artists, images and short texts about the historical collection. Thanks to the app the enthusiastic visitors may reflect and deepen the impressions after attending the exhibition.


App «Docking Station» (iOS)

App «Docking Station» (Android)

Customer’s requirements

  • Multilingual app
  • 2 operating systems (iOS & Android)
  • Autonomous adaption of web content

Services by getunik

  • Conception & design
  • Technical implementation of the app
  • Workshop CMS

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«The visitors reactions on ‹Docking Station› was great.»
Saskia Werdmüller, Web / Marketing Aargauer Kunsthaus